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Driving School in Tallinn. "B" categories.

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DriveLux Driving School offers courses for A2, A, and B category drivers.

Motor vehicle driver’s license will be given to individuals whose permanent residence is in Estonia, whose age and health condition meet requirements and who have obtained motor vehicle driver’s qualification (have successfully passed required exams). According to Traffic Law, permanent residence means a place where a person lives at least 185 days out of the calendar year because of personal or work relations, or can prove that they have studied in Estonia for at least six months. Permanent residence can be proved by Population Registry data.

Basis of study organisation

Main conditions:

The further education institution for adults established by DriveLux OÜ (hereafter: Trainer) is based on the valid legislation in the field of adult education and other relevant legislation and documents when organising further education.

The Trainer organises advanced courses for adults.

Teaching takes places in rooms suitable for teaching, rented on a monthly basis at Tallinn, P. Pinna 21, and in other rooms suitable for teaching, rented on an hourly basis. In-house courses are also conducted in the training rooms of the training provider.

Courses take place throughout the year and on the basis of the training calendar. The volume of courses are calculated in academic hours, where one academic hour equals 45 minutes.

The Trainer has the right to make changes in the course schedule and venue. Those registered for the courses will be notified of the changes by e-mail or phone.

The courses mostly take place as group classes. In the case of individual education, the training is carried out on the basis of an individual study program based on the learner’s needs.

Teaching takes place in Estonian and Russian.

Teaching takes place on weekdays during daytime. If necessary, courses can also be carried out during evenings or weekends.

Every course is based on a study program, which defines:

  • the name of the study program;
  • study program group;
  • learning outcomes;
  • conditions for starting studies, if they are a prerequisite for achieving learning outcomes;
  • the total volume of study, including the proportion of auditory, practical and independent work;
  • study content;
  • description of the learning environment;
  • a list of study materials, if materials are required to complete the study program;
  • conditions for graduation and documents to be issued
  • a description of the Trainer’s qualification, study or work experience necessary to carry out the training.

Study programs and changes in the study program are confirmed by the Trainer.


Collection and processing of personal data:

The trainer collects the following data about the students: student’s name, e-mail, phone number and personal ID number. The personal ID number is used to identify the student who completed the course on the certificate issued at the end of the course. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Estonian Personal Data Protection Act and the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of the European Union.


Assembling the course group:

The Trainer prepares a list of students participating in the course and confirms it.

The Trainer has the right to cancel or postpone the course if the group is not filled. Students registered for the course will be notified by phone or e-mail.

Starting the course and participating:

Students who have been approved by the Trainer and who have paid the invoice, can start the course.

By paying the invoice, the student confirms their participation.

Procedure for graduation and termination:

The conditions for completing the course are stipulated in the study program of each course. When the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the course and has passed the exams, they will be issued a certificate. If the studies are not concluded with exams or if the student terminates studies, they will be issued a proof of study document. Only the topics of classes in which the student participated will be marked on this document.

Certificates and proof of study documents will be signed by the representative of the driving school. The names of the teachers will also be marked on the certificates and proof of study documents. The Trainer will keep records of all documentation issued to students.

The student will be terminated from the school if the student so wishes, if they do not pay the invoice or if they violate the terms of the contract. The student will also be considered as terminated after graduating the course and after being issued the graduation certificate/proof of study document.

During the initial training, the students must complete a first aid course.

After successfully completing the course, the student must take both the theory and driving exam at Traffic Register Office of the Road Administration (Maanteeameti Liiklusregister).

Procedure for collecting feedback about the course

The Trainer will ask for feedback from the students after every course. Feedback can be given both in writing on paper and by e-mail. Feedback can be given both by name or anonymously.

The Trainer analyses the received feedback and, if necessary, makes changes in the conduct or organisation of the course.