First aid training


When studying to get a primary driver’s license, you must also pass a first aid course for motor vehicle drivers, which will give you basic knowledge and skills on how to deal with an emergency. The duration of the training is 16 hrs.

During the course, the following topics will be covered both in theory and in practice:

Assessing an emergency situation

How to act in an emergency and how to call for help


Stopping a bleed

Dressing wounds

Helping a victim in shock

First aid for wounds, fractures, joint injuries, burns, poisoning, heat and cold injuries and sudden illnesses

Helping an unconscious person

You must complete this course either at our driving school or independently at some other company or institution that has the appropriate permission to conduct this course. It is important that the course is completed in accordance with the program intended for B-category drivers to obtain a driver’s license.

When coming to the training course, bring with you:

ID-card or passport.