Final stage training

Final stage training

B-category motor vehicle driver training takes place at two stages – initial and final stage.  Initial stage training ends with the passing of both theory and driving exams at the Road Administration’s Traffic Register Office and obtaining the primary driver’s license which is valid for 24 months. In order to exchange the primary license for a permanent license, you must complete final stage training.

You can start final stage training course as soon as you have your primary license. During this course you will take slippery track hazard prevention training in theory and in practice, and your driving skills and behaviour in traffic will be assessed.

Final stage training consists of the following: 

Theory studies – 3 lessons (45 min each)

Teaching an economical and environment-friendly way of driving that is considerate of other road users – 1 lesson (45 min)

Practical study of hazard prevention exercises – 1 lesson (45 min)

Slippery track hazard prevention exercises on slippery track training grounds – 1 lesson (45 min)

During the practical exercises, the student will participate in a collision simulator and in a flipping car while wearing a seat belt. Accidents often happen at high speeds. In a collision at high speed, a person’s body mass can be tens or hundreds of times greater than their actual weight. Students can find out their actual weight on a special scale at the moment of  a high-speed collision. These invaluable experiences help to better understand the importance and benefits of using a seat belt.

During slippery track training, students will be presented with exercises that help to better understand the relationship between braking distance and speed. Students will be able to take part in these exercises as drivers and, when possible, also as passengers. Passengers can play a very important role in preventing accidents, as they can be advisors, guides, restrainers, or they can be a cause of an accident as an instigator. Most slippery track exercises are of an extreme nature, imitating sudden situations that can often occur in traffic.

Final stage training is organised in such a way that it’s possible to complete it in one day.

After completing final stage training, DriveLux Driving School will mark it on your graduation certificate as passed. Based on that, you will be able to exchange your primary license for a permanent one at Road Administration’s Traffic Register Office. You can exchange your license if your primary license was issued at least 23 months ago (unless your license was suspended during that time).

In DriveLux Driving School, final stage training is carried out all year round. To complete slippery track training in summer time, training will be conducted on training grounds with special slippery cover.

Necessary documents to register for final stage training:

Primary license

Driving school certificate